1 of 4 red series switch not working

I am using ST as hub. This problematic switch was working for a week but now I am having problems. I can turn the switch on/off physically but cannot control it on the ST Classic app.

The switch is showing below data

While the rest of the switches shows

  • associationGroup1: [01]
  • associationGroup2: []
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE

I already tried to reset the switch, and also reboot the ST hub. When I try to pair it the switch shows to be paired on the App but the shows red light after blinking instead of green.

Please help!


I was not doing the reset properly since I only hold the button for 5 sec and stop until it turns green. When I did the reset properly (hold button 20 sec until it turns red) them my issue was fixed.


Hey sorry, meant to respond here, but today got away from me!

So, just to clarify, by factory resetting the switch, you were able to get it to show S0_Downgrade?

Hi Eric,
That is correct. After doing factory reset I was able to pair the switch with ST and all is back to Normal and showing S0_downgrade.

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hah… glad i wasn’t the only one having to reset it. @Denton, how did you get those data screenshots? I still have a few issues with mine and would like to collect them when i’m able to troubleshoot them.

Great question!

To do this, go to: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

  • Then login to your account (should be the same Email/Password as your mobile app)
  • Then go to, “My Devices” (Note: sometimes it will say, “You don’t have any devices yet…” – this is a bug with IDE. Click on, “My Locations” and then click on your Hub, then click on, “My Devices” again)
  • Then click on your device from the list and it should bring up all the info of that specific device

Hope this helps!

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