10 Packs vs buying 10 from the Eaches page

@Eric_Inovelli The 10 packs of the on/off are sold out but I can go add 10 of them to my cart on the eaches page. Are the 10 packs specially packaged? Why not have the shop auto discount when you add 10 switches to your cart? that would also help if i wanted to say add 6 of one and 4 of another or more…

They are packaged differently, yes, that’s where the discount comes from.

If you’re looking at the red switches, the tentative ETA is about a month away at the end of June, but the black series won’t be returning. Keep in mind that isn’t a guaranteed date, just what Inovelli is able to share with us based on their info.


Hey @Gtaz19 – this is an excellent idea and we’d love to figure out a way to do this in the future while maintaining our margins. Maybe we just order a bunch of unboxed switches or something, I’m not sure on the logistics there.

The reason why we can’t offer this now is exactly as @chack mentioned, it’s a separate SKU that is packaged differently.

The single units have a fancier box (a debate for another day) and a faceplate, whereas the 10 packs have a very basic box, no faceplates, and only one set of instructions, which allows us to sell it for cheaper per unit.

I love the Box that the singles come in. The boxes that the 4 dimmer/2 lights came in years ago for the holiday was also very cool. I think you need that box or something similar to it in order to get into bog box stores. The unboxing experience on them is a lot of fun and very high end feeling. Also, love all your signatures on it. I understand why you don’t want to increase your SKU count. As you just found out with the light strips, high SKU counts for a single product can be a inventory finance drain. Been there! I’d say with the speed at which the Red series moves, I’d personally forget about boxing the 10 packs and go with loose items. let people mark if its a gift, and if it is have some broken down 10 pack boxes you can quickly fill for that order at a small charge. I don’t know what your fulfilment is like and that may be a terrible idea. Also if its someone’s first time ordering on your site, they get the box on the singles, after that, they get the option to go boxless… May not be great ideas, it could get confusing for people IDK just throwing it out there.

Side note: I have a bunch of bulbs and I pre ordered 4 light strips. I hooked up 1 of the light strips when it came in and then put it back in the box. Its a great product as are the bulbs, they’re brighter in color mode than most other bulbs in color mode which is great. The bulbs and light strips are fantastically high quality items, really impressed! But, I don’t use them. without an app to quickly make groups and change colors, they become almost unusable. It is seriously cumbersome to change settings on the lights. going into a HUB app to change settings on the switches is no problem as its something you rarely do. Lights however may be changed multiple times a day or evening, and sometimes the kids want to mess with them. I have HUE and Wiz and other solutions as well. Some are not as good as your product but I use them over the ilumin products for ease of access. If you had an app for these products they’d be very competitive to LIFX or HUE or any of the other high end tier products. I did just buy 24 more feet of your light strip, just because of the quality is so high, but I plan to use a different controller with them as of now…

You just made @Eric_Inovelli want to geek out even more with his marketing skills.


and also the person who designs the packaging :wink: lol thanks for the compliment @Gtaz19 :slight_smile:


Slightly off topic and for more info I’d go to a separate thread, but just throwing out there re the lightstrips, I know with Hubitat there have been some people who used a tile on their dashboard to change effects, etc so depending on what you’re looking for, you may be able to handle that via similar functionality.

You guys might want to take a survey on it, but I think you could save yourselves some cash by not including the face plates. I don’t know about everybody else, but I just wired up nearly the entire house and only 1 switch was in a single gang box. Also, the house already had face plates. :slight_smile:


The switch plates cost Inovelli 17 cents. So it’s probably not worth the aggravation from those that will complain about not getting one.

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I agree with waffles. I’ve never used one of the face plates that came with any of my switches, and most of my switches didn’t come with face plates. I like to use the screwless faceplates from leviton. I end up throwing these out and feel bad. Or as waffle said I install them on a multi switch gang box that already has a face leviton plate. The .17 (if that is the amount, sounds high) is not worth passing to the customer either, just use the savings to increase your order no matter how small the difference is.

as already mentioned, the faceplate is not much savings. My question is how much does that Fancy BOX cost?

Yeah, its very nice packaging and was impressive for the first couple units I bought for evaluation. But now I buy them in bulk and that fancy box goes straight to the trash.

Ideally, I would like to be able to order “x” unboxed dimmers or switches. I usually need the neutral pigtail so like to have those included but I don’t need a fancy box, don’t need faceplates, don’t need instructions. That is basically how the 10-packs shipped but it would be kinda nice to be able to order a variable quantity this way (maybe 8 or maybe a dozen or maybe 15, or whatever)

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As I read this, it’s cumbersome to open the hub’s app to change the colours so you’d rather open a different app? Doesn’t sound like much of a time saver to me. If anything, I would prefer to open the hub app. One app to control everything instead of having 20 different ones. Also to develop an app for these would be next to impossible because it would have to communicate with every single possible hub that’s controlling them. Or like HUE they’d have to develop their own hub…

I will agree, that some hub apps have absolutely terrible phone control. I personally use home assistant with dwain’s dashboard. It looks great, easy to control, and I can very quickly set the colors on my 4 living room bulbs by clicking on a color wheel.

Another option would be setting up scenes with a switch using common colors. Double tap up sets the lights blue, triple tap sets them red, config button fires an automation that changes to a random color every 5 mins, etc… etc…

Many solutions to this problem that would be a million times easier than trying to develop a separate app.

I want to add that I have given Inovelli Dimmers and Switches as gift to some of my friends that are into automation or want to do automation and I like single box packaging for that purpose.
It makes very nice gift.