105° lzw31-SN No Neutral (edited)

My LZW31-SN is feeling hot. I shot my IR thermometer at it and it read 105° F. Should I worry? The dumb switch next to it is 70°

The LZW30 does not support a no-neutral installation. So whatever was done during installation to get it to work that way cannot be correct. It wouldn’t surprise me if that is contributing to that condition.

I would consult with a licensed electrician, as you may potentially have a dangerous situation.

Oopp sorry LZW31-SN

Oh OK. What is your load in watts, bulb type and how many heatsink tabs did you remove?

No neutral means can’t see watt load on Smart Things. I didn’t pull any heat tabs. The temp is me shooting the heat tabs. I pulled none.

You ought to be able to calculate your load if you know the wattage of each of your bulbs. Here are the maximums with no heatsink tabs removed. If you are exceeding these, then you’ll have to adjust your bulb wattages accordingly.

Heat Sink Tabs Not Removed:
400W Incandescent
300W LED
150W CFL

You are approaching the maximum temperature in the spec.

Operating Temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)

That seems kind of warm to me, but all of my dimmers are with neutrals. Inovelli should comment.

7 of these, 10W each.
I’m thinking of buying this from Lowe’s. Any recommendations? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Juno-2-Pack-Integrated-LED-5-in-or-6-in-65-Watt-EQ-White-Round-Dimmable-Recessed-DownLight/1000338361
(This was a crappy house flip and I continue to find off stuff)

Current temp after removing a flood light I found tied into the circuit outside. Still a bit warm.

It’s pretty clear the floodlight was contributing. Hopefully someone with a non-neutral and an IR thermometer can comment on how warm theirs runs. You are within the published spec, however.

If you have a clamp ammeter, you could try that on the load to see what it’s drawing.

Here is a reference to compatible bulbs. I don’t know that it’s comprehensive. Others here have retrofitted cans and should comment.

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Okay I turned it off all night and it cooled down to normal house temperature. Flood is no longer plugged in, need to get an led flood (I guess until I can get up into the attic and figure out why there is internal wiring feeding an external light.) Then I turned it on this morning and by noon it was at 100°. Does lights should only be pulling 70 watts so I’m a little confused why I’m getting that much heat but it’s still under max specs so I guess that is okay?

Typically when I see the operating specs, that’s the environment the switch can be used in reliably.

I don’t have an infrared or FLIR to look at my dimmers, but they’re definitely warm.