2 inovelli switches to control fan and light separately

hello, apologize if this has already been covered and i am relatively green when it comes to wiring.

currently i have a ceiling fan with lights. it is controlled by 2 dumb switches in the same box. the line goes to the fan switch first, then it is connected to the second dumb switch via a traveler wire. i also noted that my grounds are twisted together and capped instead of attached to the individual switches.

i would like to install an on/off red series switch for the fan, and then a dimmer red series for the light. is there any reason to connect the two inovellis like the original setup via a traveler, or can i just consider this two separate single pole switches. i would have to figure out which wire is which, but i am pretty sure there are separate loads for the fan and light, and then i can pigtail the line for both new switches. i have neutrals stuffed in the back that i can pigtail off of. the grounds - should i leave them capped in the back or should i pull them out and attach to each switch?

You should have a 3-wire in the switch box that goes to the fan box. More than likely, the black is the switched lead for the fan and the red is the switched lead for the light.

For the line, add a pigtail to the constant hot black bundle and connect it to one of the Inovellis. The Line on the Inovelli will have 2 backstab holes, so just use that to jumper from one Line to the Line on the other Inovelli. Do the same thing for the neutral, using a pigtail to the white bundle and then jumper between the other neutrals.

Don’t use the white pigtail included with the switch. Cut your own. Because it’s tinned, it won’t work well if you are using both backstab holes.

Regarding your ground, it depends on whether or not you have a metal box. You might have a pigtail from the ground bundle to the metal box. If that is the case, the switch will ground off of its connection to the box, as the whole box is grounded. If you have a plastic box, then cut two bare pigtails and connect between the ground bundle and the ground backstabs.

Thank you for your help. I got everything wired and working today.

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