3 & 4 Way Options

Getting ready to start installing smart switches and have settled on Red Series.

Most of the led lighting in my home is already on Lutron “dumb” dimmers with the typical single dimmer and one or two dumb switches connected. My home is only 4 years old so I assume I have neutral wires in place.

Questions I have:

  1. I’m leaning towards not using any dumb switches and using dimmers on both ends rather than having one dumb non dimmable switch… Is there any issue with doing this or something special that needs to be taken into consideration?

  2. I have a few areas where I have 3-4 switches that control a set of lights, As per above, can I use all smart switches in this type of configuration and if so, any special provisioning or consideration needed before I start pouring money into this?

I will be using Home Assistant and am just in the process of getting that setup for the first time. From reading the first article you posted, it sounds like using smart switches on both ends is somewhat less than optimal given HA does not support association? Not sure if I’d gain anything by using smart switches on both ends over just keeping the dumb switch in place and using a single Red dimmer.

Correct me if I’m missing something here as I’d prefer to have smart switches everywhere possible however, I do have to keep the wife factor in mind and can’t be spending money and installing things that are going to be frustrating for her or not add usable functions that are, well, as simple as a light switch to use ::slight_smile:

I’m not an HA guy but there are plenty here who are. I’m sure they will be able to comment.