3/4 Way using all Red Dimmers

So today I start installing my 20+ Red Dimmers.

Will be using Red Dimmers everywhere to keep a uniform look. I want to have the LED bar sync on the 3/4/5 way switches. How is this done in Home Assistant?

Any tips I should be taking into account on the wiring side of things before I get going? My house is only a few years old and does have neutral wires.

Thanks in advance!

Set up the multi-way dimmers with associations. Associate groups 2-4 between devices. On all but the load controlling device set parameter 12 to 11. On zwaveJStoMQTT, parameter 12 is broken into partial parameters so you want to find “[17-112-0-12-4] Association Behavior: Z-Wave Hub” and set it to disabled.

Definitely make sure the dimmers are on the 1.57 firmware.

Apologies in advance for the very noob questions here :slight_smile:

How exactly do I update the firmware? I can see in the zwave to mqtt UI that I’m currently on 1.48.

Also, how /where do I make the associations?

When I look at parameter 12 in the switch config I only see slider options with no area to input value 11.

Ok so I’ve figured out the firmware upgrade via zwavejs to mqtt and have successfully upgraded a test single pole switch to 1.57! .

Now I just need some hand holding on these new switches I’m about to install that are all multipole.

You’re in the add-on web interface which is not part of Home Assistant, right? When you expand the device row you should see Node, Groups, Debug Info right below the row. Pick Groups to do associations.

Under Node if you go down a little further you should see Configuration, expand that row. The “[17-112-0-12-4] Association Behavior: Z-Wave Hub” setting should be about 2-3 rows from the bottom of the settings.

I see the setting for the Z-Wave Hub and can disable that. (note that mine show as “4-112-0-12-4” not sure if that is important or not)

What I don’t see just yet is from your first reply where you said to change parameter 12 to 11 on the non load controller devices. Are you saying there should be a value I am updating?

That is setting parameter 12. The first 2 numbers are the zwave node.