3 way / 4 way with Smart Bulbs and dumb switches

I have been reading the forums and studying the recommended wiring diagrams. I have not seen this question asked. My question is with 3 and 4 way wiring with both dumb switches and smart bulbs, and of course a single smart Inovelli switch, won’t the power to the smart bulb be interrupted causing a reboot, when a 3 / 4 way dumb switch is flipped even though on the smart switch the internal relay is disabled? Isn’t that a bad thing for a smart bulb to have its power cut frequently?

If true, the only way to avoid that is to use an Aux switch(s)?

I don’t know how “bad” it is for smart lights to have power cut to turn them off as a regular light. I have many that have never been attached to a hub and act as a regular light for years now. They are in a bathroom so they turn off and on many times every day.

It does remove any ability to have google or other automation control them if they are supposed to be connected to a hub. Like Smartthings.

However , as far as I have been able to discern, both aux and dumb switches will still cut power to a circuit.

One needs to use two smart switches in a 3 way that both bypass the internal relay thereby keeping power to the smart lights at all times. Then Scenes are used to control the lights. Creating a delay of course as scenes are run through your hub. Smartthings will run it through their ”cloud” and Hubitat will run it locally.

However if you want to control 5 or less bulbs at the same time AND they are z wave bulbs they can be ”associated” with the Inovelli switches to control them directly for a more normal light experience.

Still working through other issues I am having With their switches but this is what I think is correct so far.


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Unfortunately, the smart bulbs I have are Zigbee. I couldn’t find good / recommend recessed lighting that is RGBW and Z-Wave. Most of the recommended / proven devices have been Zigbee. What would be totally awesome is for Inovelli to have have the same smart switches but in a Zigbee flavor too for this reason.

What I cannot remember at the moment is if the Aux switches actually carry the line to the load, or is it only connected to and powered by the Smart switch only. @Eric_Inovelli?