3 Way Configuration + Add On Switch

I have a 3 way switch setup I am dealing with where there is no neutral in the one of the boxes of the 3-way configuration. I bought a Inovelli z-wave dimmer switch as it says no neutral required.
I wanted to see if there are any 3-way configurations in which the Inovelli 3 way switch will not work.

I saw that many of the configurations require one to use an add-on switch. The problem is that these add on switches require neutrals.

I used dumb switches in my 3 way setups with the dimmer. Granted I had neutrals available, but add on switches are not required. However I did swap mine over to add ons because it’s a nice feel and I can dim from any one of add ons.

Not sure your specific case but a “dumb” 3-Way switch does not require neutral. And I thought the “Aux Switch” did not require a neutral as well, but I’m not sure.

The limiting factor is the Inovelli must be in a location where there is power. If you can give us more information (wiring etc) we might be able to help you more.