3-Way Issue LZW31-SN Red Dimmer - Bulb, Wiring or Config Problem?

I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong. Could use a bit of help determining how to troubleshoot this. Wiring looks ok to me, config looks good, same bulbs are controlled elsewhere in the house by Inovelli Red Dimmer (though not in a 3-way config).

Inovelli Red Dimmer, installed with Neutral in 3-Way with Dumb Switch controlling 4x PAR30 LED bulbs.

Problem: When dumb switch is in Position A, switch functions perfectly. When dumb switch in Position B, Inovelli switch acts weird. It’s powered, and LED strip seems to function. If I turn Inovelli On, the lights turn on for a moment, then immediately turn off. Problem goes away after putting the dumb switch in Position A.

I’ve followed instructions for line/load in same box. My dumb switch has only 3 wires (red/black/white) coming out of the same 3-wire romex (if that’s the proper term).The box with the Inovelli has all the wires (it’s a 3 gang box with 2 other switches) with a bundle of line wires and bundle of neutrals.

Hub is Home Assistant (0.114.4) using OpenZWave & MQTT add-ons/integrations. The parameters in the Hub as well as via MQTT Explorer show correctly:
Switch Type: 3-Way Toggle
AC Power Type: Neutral

What I’ve tried:

  • Redoing manual switch config for 3-way
  • Switching the 2 traveler wires (red/white) on the dumb switch (same result)

Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure if this is similar to this issue, but it may be worth setting a max value of 85% to see if that helps the shut-off problem.

Your issue seems slightly different, but still we can give it a shot to see if it helps:

This was exactly my issue. Can’t believe I missed that when looking through the troubleshooting section… Changing the max parameter to 85 worked perfectly, the switch now functions exactly as expected.

Thanks so much! Great product, great support.

No worries, happy to help!