3 way - LZ31-SN + Dumb Switch + No Light Wiring - Possible?

I have a situation where I would like to wire up a LZ31-SN in a 3 way with a dumb switch but have no light in the middle. I would like the Inovelli switch to act on the z-wave network and call out to another z-wave device to actually turn the light on. Is this possible? How would this be wired?

I don’t think so. While it’s possible to have a dimmer installed with no load attached (neutral required), you won’t be able to toggle any scenes from the dummy switch. You may be able to utilize the hub to turn on the light when the dimmer is toggled on, but your options will be limited.

If you don’t care about using the dummy switch then definitely possible but neutral will be required in box. Also if your hub doesn’t support a if dimmer turned on then turn on other light statements then I would just leave the dummy switch disconnected.

You could install two dimmers and use them as scene control though.

Need more info I think.

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Thanks for the response!

No problem having full power runs to each box, I can rewire to have power going to both. I was hoping to use the dumb three-way switches while I wait for the product to get back in stock for a smart switch to replace the dummy with. In this case, I can just disconnect it for now.

When it comes to three-way switches, I am always a little confused about how they work with a smart switch. More learning required on my part.

Thanks for your help!

You’d have to test without a load, but see if toggling the dumb switch causes a status change to the switch in your hub. If it does, then you would at least have simple control using a rule(s) based on when the switch changes.