3-way LZW31-SN -- dumb switch in "on" position results in lights slightly lit when "off"

An electrician installed a bunch of Red Series dimmers in my home (all have neutrals) and they’ve been working pretty well with Hubitat. I had a lot of Z-Wave issues at first but a few weeks later things seem relatively stable.

The one 3-way switch that he installed at is giving me issues, though. In particular, when the dumb switch at the other end of the hallway is in the on position and I turn off the lights in Hubitat or with my voice, the lights are still lit (something like a dimmer value of 5 I’d guess). If I then move the dumb switch to the off position, which correctly turns the lights on, and then I turn them off in Hubitat, then and only then they’re fully off.

Do I need a bypass? Is something else wrong with the wiring? What info am I leaving out that would help explain this situation? Happy to share a video if that will help explain things.

What kind of bulbs? Try using an incandescent if you have one. Verify parameter 21 (AC Power Type) is set to Neutral (1). If it is already, try toggling to Non-Neutral and back to Neutral. Also verify parameter 22 (Switch Type) is set to 1 (Multi-Switch w/dumb switch). If neither of those work you may need a bypass module.

It’s controlling 5 flush mount LEDs: https://rbw.com/products/crisp-flush-mount/s10-aa01-30-220_10_dex-ip20. Those parameters are set already. Do I need a bypass? Or something else at play here?

Which input power mode did you get

Great question. I inherited these when moving in. I believe they’re:

110-120V Input TRIAC Control 10% Dimming

The dimmer uses leading edge which should be compatible with triac. Do you have any pictures how it’s wired? If you have pictures of both boxes with pulled out it makes it easier