3-way only works if Inovelli switch on?

I have a red series dimmer hooked up in a 3-way with a dumb switch. If the dimmer is on, the dumb switch toggles on/off as expected. But if the dimmer is off, the dumb switch doesn’t toggle the light on and off. Is that the intended function? Or is something wired wrong?

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Check parameters 21 and 22.

21 is 1 for neutral present at the switch. You have a neutral there, right?

22 is 1 for a 3-way with a dumb switch.

Parameter 22 was set to default 0. I changed it to 1 for 3-way with dumb switches. Now the dumb switch has to be on in order for the dimmer to toggle on/off. If the dumb switch is off, the inovelli switch has power but does not toggle the light on/off. Now what?
And yes it has neutral and parameter 21 is set to 1.

It could be any number of things . . .that’s a common problem here.

Possibilities are

  • Your wiring is incorrect
  • What types of bulbs are you using? Can you possibly replace with incandescent to test? Some dimmable bulbs have been know to cause issues.
  • Switching to an aux switch may solve the problem

Change parameter 21 to “0”, save, and change it back to “1” and save. I’d do this at both the hub and the switch. Maybe even pull air gap after getting the setting switch done.

It’s been looking like the switches are shipping with the default possibly actually set to “0” but the switch reporting it as being set to “1”. I was having this exact behavior at both my dimmers until I manually changed the AC type to non-neutral, then back to neutral.

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That was it. Parameter 21 must have shipped with default 0, not default 1. Thanks