3 way switch not making sense

I purchase the red series smart dimmer switch (LZW31-SN). I am installing it for a 3 way dimmer switch. I have a switch box (A) in the room with the lighting and a switch box (B) outside the room that controls the lights. The box (B) outside the room has a 3 wire Romex cable with two black wires, a red and a ground.

The switch box (B) in the room has 3 romex cables (2 two wire cables (black, white and ground) and the one three wire cable with two black wires, red, and a ground - the Romex that runs between both switch boxes) NO NEUTRAL WIRE!

My issue is how power is being routed through the switch boxes. My feed coming into the box (B) I’ll call Romex Line (1). This line has the white neutral pigtailed which is normal in a switch box, and the black wire (Hot Line in) pigtailed to one of the black wires going to Box (A) outside the room. Romex Line (2) I believe is what goes to the light fixture. This line (2) has the white pigtailed to Line 1’s white and the Black goes to the Switch Box (B) as what I believe to be the Load wire).

Romex line (3) is what connects the two switch boxes (A) and (B). It has the two black wires, a red, and ground. The one black is pigtailed to the line (1) which supplies the power. The other Black and red wires come from the switch in Box A and are the Travelers to Box B.

My Question. How do I wire the Inovelli switch? The diagrams don’t address this wiring scenario. I think I have and idea but want to make sure I have it correct. I bought a GE Enbright (Add on/ Aux Switch) to help in Box B as I thought it would be needed since there is no neural wire in that box.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I can try and supply a drawing if that helps.

So I think I figured it out. Help me if I’m Wrong. I disconnected the Pigtail (Black Wire Feed coming in From Line 1) and Put it in the Line terminal for the Inovelli switch. On that same terminal I also connected the Black wire That was a traveler wire in Romex Line 3 that went to the other switch box. I then abandoned the black wire that was connected to the Line 1 power feed and capped it on both ends (in both Boxes).

I’m guessing I could have used that abandoned wire as my neutral and tied it in and used my old dumb switch.

Another option for my hot wire, I am thinking I could have made a jumper wire from the pigtail that was made and running the power to the other switch box, and just ran it to the Line terminal of the Inovelli switch.

I think I have it right the way I wired it. Everything seems to be working fine. I think I could have done it either way with a dumb switch or the GE Auxillary switch.

My only concern is the Inovelli switch seems to feel warm at the bottom underneath the plastic switch. Is this normal when the light is on?

Thanks for any help you can provide. I just want to make sure I got this right.

Can you post pictures of both boxes with the wires pulled out. It will be easier to provide guidance that way.

Stu, I figured it out with one of the wiring diagrams I found online with Inovelli. Thanks for your help and response though!

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