3 Way Switch Red Series Lights toggling on after few seconds

I have a red series on/off switch thats in a 3 way wiring with a dummy switch having some weird issues. What ends up happening is I will toggle it off and it will turn it self on after a few seconds. Steps are as follows.
Turn switch off from on position. Wait a few seconds and the switch turns on. Led indicator says its still off but hear the internal relay click on. Status is not updated in homeassistant. Turn switch on light stays on and status is updated. Repeat.
Any ideas?

Did it ever work properly? (Edited)

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Its the LZW30-SN is there a parameter 22? I don’t see that in the guide. I also have a few other switches that are in wired in 3 way that work correctly. I don’t think it worked correctly but I might not have noticed.

Ugh. Sorry. You’re correct That’s for the dimmer only. In that case, I would double check the wiring. What is your load? Also, is the dumb switch illuminated?

Load according to the switch is 30 watts. From the specs I saw there in no minimum wattage for the on/off. The dumb switch doesn’t have a light. What I have noticed is that if I flip the dumb switch the opposite behavior is seen. Could this happen from wires touching? Seems very strange that flipping either switch turns on/off but still is somehow a wiring problem.

Touching wires usually have instaneous results, unless something is really miswired and it takes the switch a few seconds to figure that out.

Regarding the load, I really meant what type of bulbs. Can you temporarily substitute for incandescent to rule out the fact your bulbs may be incompatible? Some LED bulbs just cause wonky results.

Yeah I thought the wires touching would be instant. Could it be a loose neutral or would that be more instant too? I have the same light bulbs in a few other locations including a 3 way. The load is higher on the other I can try with other bulbs. They are all LEDs. I’ll try with incandescent and I’ll let you know.

So replaced with some incandescent problem went away. Went back to LEDs problem came back, took out an led and screwed in an incandescent and I saw the switch correct itself. Now I’m confused so it does seem like it’s the bulb but I’m using these else where and not having this issue. The only thing I can think of is the draw is lower at 30ish watts and has a traveler. I have another traveler set which has 4 of the same LEDs but draw is sixty watts and doesn’t have this problem.
Any idea how I can get the LEDs working as they are 4 times more effecient and I like the color better.

Not sure if this will solve it but it’s worth trying. Put a bypass in parallel with one of the lights. That’s typically the fix for when LEDs remain dim. Not sure if it will have any effect on your issue.

If that doesn’t do it, then you may have to swap the dumb switch for an Aux, but I can’t say that will fix it either.

Do you have a link for a parallel bypass. Haven’t heard of something like that before.
Also thanks for your help!

Thanks, is this fine to use even though I am using a neutral wire?

It’s used for a non-neutral a lot. I haven’t personally used on a neutral installation but I believe others have. @harjms or others can confirm.

I have one on a dimmer and neutral. I swapped it from a on/off switch. It would be worth a shot.

Do you think different LED bulbs might be worthwhile or is it just the LEDs in general?

YMMV with LEDs to be honest. It’s either try new bulbs and keep receipt in case it don’t work, but most likely non-neutral setup issues.

By non neutral are you saying that LEDs are normally a problem with the dimmer switches? I’m currently using a neutral and the red series on/off. Would that even work without a neutral, if it can could I maybe just have a lose neutral and that’s my problem?

I had to install a bypass for some LEDs installed in my cabinet lights. It would remain dim even when off to include the on off switch and dimmer and had neutral connected. To ultimate fix was the bypass as I didn’t want to try a variety of bulbs.

The big issue I’m seeing is not any dimming just the internal relay seems to lose track of what state it is. Is the bypass meant to just provide additional power without their being resistance from the bulb? I’m just a little confused how this would help since I am using a neutral for this on/off three way switch with dumb switch.

So in my situation, I had a neutral and 3 way. The switch could not detect the 3 way with dumb switches. Also there was some voltage leakage. I recorded voltage at the load whether it was on or off. It was enough voltage to cause the LEDs to illuminate. It doesn’t take much voltage to excite the driver on some LEDs. I installed a a dimmer and had same issues with dim LEDs. I installed the AUX switch and bypass and all dim went away.