3-Way Wiring - Black Series On/Off


I have recently purchased my first Inovelli switch. I have been using GE/Jasco z-wave switches for a couple of years now. Recently, I have 2 (out of 15 or so) that have failed (repeat clicking noise), so I am very excited to give Inovelli a try.

I am attempting to install the Black series (no dimmer) as a 3-way. Per the diagram below, this is my current setup. This is a bit different than the examples I have seen in the instructions.

I think I can wire this using the “non-neutral” wire option. However, I do have access to a neutral wire in one of the box. What is the best way to connect this?

Many thanks in advance.

Well on/off requires a neutral. You may be better off using a dimmer which does support non neutral configuration.

But in the picture, isn’t that a bundle of whites or am I not seeing it clearly?

Thanks for the quick reply. You are right that there is a bundle of white wires in the left-side box. However, the hot wire for this light is coming in from the right-side box, so I am not sure how to tie them together in the smart switch.

I think the smart switch will have to be installed in the right-side box, since this is where the hot wire comes in. But is it possible to install the smart switch in the left-side box, since I have white wires in there? This is a bit confusing, so looking for some help. Thanks!


You are correct that as per your drawing, power is routed to the right box first. So as-is, you have a non-neutral in the right box and this is where the Inovelli would go. This will require an Aux on the other side AND rewiring at the light box to feed the power to the light from the Inovelli. Basically, you wire the right as a 2-way non neutral and then use the a traveler conductor to the other box for the Aux. You’ll also send power to the other box via the unused traveler from the light to the box.

If you want the Inovelli in the left box, then you rewire at the light box to send the power to the left box. Looks like this, although the Inovelli is on the right in the drawing:

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Just a reminder, it will have to be a dimmer model though.

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Thanks a lot. This is great information. Appreciate your help and quick responses.