3-way wiring w/neutral

I had a licensed electrician (neighbor) come over to install my S31 Dimmer according to the illustrations in the instructions.
I did an inclusion into my network and installed it into my Hubitat hub and into Alexa.
All was well until I switched off the dumb switch. It turned off the power to the light AND the S31.
I read the wiring insert and went to Step 6 - Switch Type Configuration then did the Dumb Switch setup.
All seemed to go as planned, but now if I use the “dumb” switch to turn on the light, it blows the breaker.
Has the configuration setup changed?

It’s wired wrong. Properly wired the dumb switch could not turn off the power to the Inovelli.

Yeah, I’d recommend having the electrician review the connections. It is likely that the fixture itself ALSO needs rewired. I just ran into this myself actually.

Would look at another neighbor for electrical needs.