3-way wiring with weird results

First the Obligatory:
Smart Switch: lzw30-sn (Red On/Off)
Firmware: v1.20
Secondary Switch: dumb
Load: 8 dumb LED bulbs in can lights
Hub: Hubitat (using latest driver from Inovelli)

My current setup is partially working. If the dumb switch is in the “off” position, the smart switch works exactly as expected. However, things get unpredictable when the dumb switch is in the “on” position. See the attached gifs. In addition to what you see in the gif. When I turn it off, it’ll turn itself back on. I usually have to turn it off 3 times before it’ll stay off. I’ve tried switching the load type from “default” to “Special”. This doesn’t appear to make a difference.

Turns itself on.

I’m following this wiring diagram. I can’t figure out how many things I’ve done wrong.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have an incandescent bulb to try in place of the LED?

Well that’s interesting. The normal load is 8 can lights with simple dumb LED bulbs in addition to the 2 you can see in the video. (10 LED’s total)

For the sake of the test, I unscrewed all of the LED bulbs and put in 1 incandescent bulb. It works perfectly.

I’m not going to pretend that I have any clue why that makes a difference.


Seriously all LEDs have a mind of their own. It may work normal now with the LEDs, but you might have to find another brand of LEDs to make it work normal. At least it’s not wiring or switch.

Well… Thank you for your time and your insight. That hadn’t crossed my mind as a possibility.

They’re all identical cheap Utilitec LED’s. Any recommendations?

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@chowell -Let me find the LED compatibility list.

Check out

I know it says dimmers but may be worth a shot.

Awesome! Thank you!