3rd light strip installed above kitchen cabinets

Think our kitchen is officially Inovelli’d out. Just put on the 3rd strip run above the kitchen cabinets. Before installing we thought it may be too much light-strip goodness and we would either run only 2 of the 3 total at a time (cabinet upper, cabinet lower, island). But after installing and using, we are gonna run all 3. With white selected, it gives enough light that you can grab something in the kitchen without needing to turn on any other lights.

Show in the video little automation where if all overhead lights are off and then one turns on, it automatically increased light strip brightness to 99%. Once all kitchen overhead lights are off, it reduces brightness back to what it previously was set to. (usually 40-50%)

Show my Home assistant drop downs I made to make it easy to switch colors, effects, and brightness.


You need a color picker!:

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Nice job!

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Last time I tried it, it was very buggy. Had to select the color 3 times to get it to work. Has it improved since then?

No idea, I don’t use it. Perhaps you could make a template light integration to control it. Just thinking out loud, there ALWAYS seems to be a better solution when something seems “complicated” in HA.

How did you wire the power supplies for this kind of lighting? I’ve always wondered about stuff like this.

Power supply comes with the kit. Just plug one end into wall outlet, other end connect to the first strip.

You have wall outlets above your cabinets? I more meant how did you get the power supply wires to the outlets without them being obvious and/or ugly.

I have under cabinet lights in my kitchen. I plugged into the outlet that my microwave does. So its already in the cabinet. Then I just ran the power wire down.

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I’m not sure if that is what @nappyjim did, but I have installed a few outlets for family above the cabinets (tied into outlets below the cabinets). The walls were interior walls, so easy to fish an extra 12/2. This allowed for smart lights above the cabinets to be installed.

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I did the same thing. Using the outlet in the cabinet above my microwave allowed the power supply and controller to easily be concealed.

Ohhhh, sorry.

So for above cabinet one I plugged into outlet inside the cabinet thats above my microwave. Just drilled holes in top of cabinet to fill cord through. BLUE

For under cabinets, I have it hidden behind this little chalkboard. RED

For island, theres a plug on the far side of the island as pictured. I have it connected there and ziptied as nice as possible. Wife was annoyed with it at first but now she said she doesnt even notice it.

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