3way bugs with On/off switch black gen2

I have the on/off 2nd gen black series controlling a ceiling fan, wired with standard 3 way wiring with dumb switch (smart switch has neutral, dumb switch is receiving load and traveler from smart switch with common going to fan) connected to SmartThings. Everything connects fine to hub but smartswitch doesn’t seem to be able to detect what position dumb switch is in. If I use the dumb switch, the next time I use the smart switch I have to toggle up, down, up, to turn fixture on or vise versa for off. Especially when I use the smart switch for off. After about 20 seconds, the relay will automatically trigger and turn it back on.
Have been in talks with inovelli support for a while and they looked at settings and parameters and nothing seemed wrong. Even replaced with a new inovelli switch and no change. Previously had a zooz that worked perfectly with the same dumb switch (changed the wiring or course) wanted to go to inovelli since it was actually rated to handle the load of the fan.
Any suggestions?