4 in 1 sensor stops reporting

I just installed an lzw60 a few days ago and have come to the conclusion that the sensor completely stops reporting after 1-2 hours. I had thought it might have been my USB cable but have since tested known working ones and it still shows the issue. I mainly want to use the temp sensor for my sons room and it works great for the first hour to two hours but then stops reporting, the only way to get it back on track is to unplug it and plug it back in. But then it hits the 1-2 hour mark and stops again. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

How many of these do you have? Is it just the one?

I have several and they all function fine. The difference, however, is that I’m using the battery power.

The default reporting interval for temperature is 2 hours. How long has it been since you haven’t had a temperature report?

I would try running on battery power to see if that makes a difference.

Also, is the sensor oriented so that the vent holes are exposed?

Thanks for the reply! Yes this is the only one I currently have, I just switched it to battery power to test it. I had already changed the default temp interval to every 60 seconds and it worked great inside of that 1-2 hour window. There were 2 nights in a row that it went all night without updating, so 7-9 hours. And I’ve had the sensor set on multiple sides so that shouldn’t be the cause. I will report back in a few hours with whether or not being on battery power changes anything.

Well I put it on battery power and thought that might have fixed it but after almost 4 hours it has stopped reporting again. I put it on battery power at 7AM and it stopped reporting at 10:48AM.

What hub are you using?

I am using Smartthings.

Log into the IDE and find the device under My Devices. Open the page for the sensor.

Does the Status say “Active”?

Did you load the Inovelli Device Handler?

Look at the routing. Do you have more than two hops to the hub? Also, if it’s not directly routed to the hub, is it routing through a device powered full time. Maybe do a Zwave repair.

List the events and compare to the lack of reporting. Not sure where you are viewing the reports.

IDE shows the device as Active. I have tried multiple different device handlers including the inovelli handler and the generic zwave motion/temp/light. Before I ran the zwave repair it was connected straight to the hub with no jumps, after the repair it now goes through 2 other devices, both of which are hard wired devices. As far as logs go I was just referring to the history shown in the smartrhings app. I looked at all the events for this device in the IDE and it confirms the events shown in the history.

BTW, thanks for taking the time to help me out with this, it’s much appreciated!

Forgot to add, I tried waking the device just a minute ago by doing the 3 quick presses and it wont do anything. Had to pull the battery to get it to wake up.

You’re welcome. I am out of ideas. Perhaps you should submit a support ticket. It may be a bad unit.

Just FYI, I created a support ticket and had a reply in less than a day that the device handler had an error in the code and it has since been updated. Mine seems to be working properly now.

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