4 way install with 2 smart switches

Is it possible to have a 4 way install with 2 Inovelli Red series dimmers and one GE Aux?


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The answer is yes maybe.

It would have to be wired similar to this:

  1. Red Dimmer in box 1 (a 3-way Location). The load is connected to this dimmer.
  2. Aux switch is in another box, connected to the Red Dimmer in box 1.
  3. The 2nd Red dimmer is in a 3rd box and has no connections to the above dimmer or Aux. It needs only power (line and neutral)

You associate the Red Dimmer 1 with Red dimmer 2 so they mirror each other.

If you have a sketch we could take a look.

I assume you don’t want 2 Aux switches(dimmers really) because you want the 2nd dimmer location to have the LEDs. If not consider 2 Aux.

My experience:
Usually the issue is in the box the 4-way switch is located. I am about to replace my dumb 4-way with a Red Dimmer. Luckly in the same box is my front entrance light switch. I am using the power and neutral from the front entrance light to power the Red Dimmer I’m adding.