4-way or multi location with more than 1 inovelli

It looks like the on/off switch can use two smart switches in a 3way set up based on the wiring diagrams. Can it also be used in a 4-way or multi location setup with all smart switches?

I have a light that is controlled by 5 switches and they are all in multi gang switch boxes. So I’d like to keep them all asthetically the same. I.e no dumb or aux. Just inovellis.

I know it’s expensive to use all smart switches versus ge aux switches but just wondering if it’s possible for the on/off or the new dimmers.

Sorry if it’s a noobie question but eagerly awaiting the dimmer switch release and I have a few questions on how to handle certain locations in my house.

From what Inovelli told me it can be done but requires special rewiring. I was wanting to do that in my 4 way for my hallway, but it was over my head and was not about to tackle it this time. If you figure it out let us know as I want the same thing.

Did some googling just now and came across this picture. Not sure if the red switches can be done the same but worth a shot. 519f695aa2e6e6b58c1091cde91f7f78871364fe

Thanks for the reply. This is my first go around with smart switches so not sure I’ll be the one to figure it out, but I’m glad to hear that it should be doable!

I have 2 switched on my desk and I might get a few more. If I do I will create a test bench and see if I cant figure this out. :slight_smile:

Hi Almulder,

Can you provide the special rewiring instructions you got from Inovelli? I have a 4 way setup and I would love to use 3 Inovelli Red switches. My line and load are in different boxes, so that complicates things, but maybe the instructions you got from Inovelli will help me. Thanks!

Never got instructions from them and never got around to testing. Wife had surgery and been taking care of her and installed my switches in other locations. For now my 3 and 4 way setups are using just 1 Inovelli switch and then dumb switches.

Hopefully one day I can get it to work, but I belive the way to do it is one switch would be the master and the others would ha e the relay disabled. And just use them as buttons. But not sure if the rgb LEDs work sync. Maybe I just need to order some more and play with them. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she is doing better! Thanks for getting back to me. I posted my own topic here, so hopefully someone will be able to help. If I ever get it figured out, I’ll try and remember to post the information here as well.