4-Way Switch confusion

Hey guys, I am having an issue getting the Dimmer Gen 2 Red switch working in a 4 way set up. As far as I can tell I have it wired correctly, but light is only working from the inovelli switch. Anytime I attempt the use the dumb switches they just seem to turn off any power to my inovelli. My set up is power to 3 way dumb, then to 4 way dumb, then inovelli and then the light.

@gstunit - Hey, so one thing you’ll need to do is configure the dimmer as a 3-way toggle mode. This can be accomplished from the dimmer or the hub (I recommend using the hub, much easier). Also, you may need to rewire the switches. The Inovelli should be the first unit powered so that it doesn’t lose power when it is toggled from the 4 or 3 way dumb switch.

I think you’ll need power to the Inovelli first.

It helps if you understand the logic of the circuits. In three and four-way circuit, the power is flip-flopped (technical term) over the travelers. Given that, there is not way to ensure constant power to the Inovelli except to put it first in line.