4-way switch woes


I just purchased 6 of the Inovelli Z-Wave Switch’s of Amazon. 5 of them I had no troubles with and the install went really smooth. unfortunately not so much with the 4-way install (3 switches with light)

the first way I did it I just replaced the main switch with all wiring as is, and it kinda worked. I could turn the light on and off from the Inovelli switch, but if I used any other switch it would cut power to the switch itself… “No biggie” I thought maybe I have to change something. so I hit the ol googles and found the following wire schematic via [https://inovelli.com/nzw31-setup/other/] under 4-way. I then proceeded to rewire all 3 switches and changed out the 4-way switch to a 3-way as per the directions.

once i flipped the breaker back on I went and tested the smart switch everything worked. I then tested the dummy switches and POP!!! the smart switch had that unmistakable white smoke smell…DANG!! i verified and re verified I had the wiring right, and after the dreaded pop I checked again and double checked and it was exactly like the schematic mentioned above.

I then found this community while looking where I may have gone wrong, In here I saw others were successful in using this switch with the 4 way switch.

Any advice where I went wrong? and I guess i’m also out a switch :frowning:

Further to the above here is the diagram i used as referenced above

Hey @ibyers – first, thanks so much for joining the community and ultimately for your support.

Sorry for the 4-Way switch woes… never fun.

I can see exactly what the issue is and I’ve been trying to scramble to put disclaimers on the Gen 1 pages.

So, the link you tagged above is actually for our Gen 1 switches, which uses a different logic then the new Gen 2’s. Unfortunately, this logic is vastly different and causes the switches to pop.

We didn’t realize this in time for the On/Off switch manuals to print, but caught it in time for the dimmers (we’ve since put warning stickers on the dimmers as well as a Wiring Insert).

I realize this doesn’t help you now and I’ll reach out to you personally to get you squared away.

For future reference, here’s the wiring diagram that has a 4-Way setup for Gen 2’s: https://inovelli.com/lzw30-sn/wiring (it will redirect to a PDF).

Sorry for the scare!

wow!! Eric i’m blown away at the customer service! not only for the quick response, but for the CEO to personally reach out, and point where I went wrong (yes this was my fault and nothing to do with your fantastic product). Now this is first class customer service! Thank you so much! you have earned yourself a lifelong brand ambassador.