4-Way Wiring Help - Red Dimmer w/AUX Switches


I have the current setup in my home and would like to convert to using Red Dimmer (2nd gen) with two AUX switches. Would appreciate any help in how to wire my setup. I have neutrals bundled together in each of the switch boxes.

Hey @David_P we’re going to need some more info. Do you know if you have line/load in same box?

I do not know if both the Line/Load are in the same box. Is there a way I can use a multimeter to figure it out? Or another method to determine?

So to figure out line, take apart all wiring and find the 120V (ish) line when grounded via multimeter. Once you find that, wire nut hot/neutral to what you “think” is the light. When you turn the breaker on, the light should be on.