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4-Way with no Neutral

Hi John,

Yes, it posted fine!

You must be clairvoyant. You knew there was an extra 2-wire before the OP did!

It appears right on. Just think the OP should get it working as a 2-way and then add in the travelers to the Aux’s.

Nah, I looked at the photos and counted the wires. The diagram is the only way it would have worked before he started to add the dimmer

Sorry I couldn’t reply back yesterday as it stated I had exceeded my post allowance.

Bry I think you are 100% correct.
White from light is hot and that was nutted off over to the second switch which was terminated at the common black screw in the second box.

The switch is now working correctly and dimming properly.

I am left with the other two AUX’s to connect.

In the box with the Inovelli switch I have the two blacks the two reds and the white which was connected to the hot/line previously.

Glad you got it going.

So the Aux’s need two conductors run to them. I presume that the two 3-wires in the Inovelli box are going to each of the 3-way switches, as that makes sense based on what you’ve found. So you will use 2 of the three conductors in each of the 3-wires to connect the Aux’s to the Inovelli. This is the non-neutral diagram using Aux switches:


Connect the red from each of the 3-wires to the Traveler terminal on the Inovelli. (Use the 2 backstab holes.) At the Aux boxes, connect the red to the Traveler terminal.

The blacks on the 3-wires get connected to the Line on the Inovelli. Since you’re one backstab hole short, I would make a (black) pigtail and connect it to the other Inovelli Line backstab hole (the other is taken by the white hot). On the other end wrap with the blacks on the 3-wires. At the Aux boxes, connect the black to the Neutral terminal.

The whites on the 3-wires aren’t used. Cap them off with wire nuts at the Aux boxes and the Inovelli box.

I think that will do it!

OK that is all done.

The Inovelli switch works just fine like it was before however the AUX switches do nothing.

@dwright34 - Did you configure the switch for 3 way momentary?

Yes I believe so?

Parameter 21 = Set Value to 1 (# of Bytes = 1)
Parameter 22 = Set Value to 1 (# of Bytes = 1)


I see when the Inovelli is on the AUX switches do nothing but when the Inovelli or lights are off and I use the AUX I hear the Inovelli click a couple of times.

Maybe I have the parameter wrong?

Parameter 21 should be 0 for no neutral.

Parameter 22 should be 2 for multi/auxiliary

What is the model of the aux switches?

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I used a model 2002 GE and a model 2004. I could not turn the lights on or off or dim with the 2002 model. I swapped it out for a home-seer model and the same problem. I went through my collection and found another GE 2004 and swapped the home-seer and 2002 model out and worked perfectly. ALL switches turn off on and dim.

Glad you got it working.

I don’t recognize those model numbers, but for the record, these are the supported aux switches:

[GE Enbrighten Add-On #12723 ]
This one when I purchased it back in 2016 has a model number of ZW2002
None of these work at all I tried a few They did turn the light on but not off they also would not dim.
I purchased the same model in 2018 and it has a model number of ZW2004 and this one works fine

[GE Enbrighten Add-On #46199 ]
This one appears to be a newer model of the one above I don’t think I have any of these.

[HomeSeer Add-On #HS-WA100+ ]
I have a few of these but when I put these one they didn’t do anything didn’t turn the light on or off maybe this needs a different parameter?

Kind of interesting that different AUX models work differently.

Either way you guys have been absolutely awesome. I did give up at one point but when “harjms” said definitely can be done I persevered.

You guys are better than my electricians I consulted who said it is totally impossible to put these in without neutrals even after looking at the wiring.

I have a ton more of these to do but now I know it can be done I hope to be able to tackle it on my own.

Thank you to all of you you are a credit to Inovelli.

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I changed the bulbs to a different LED bulb and now the AUX switches only turn the lights on and not off or dim… WTH!!!

Not really sure, but maybe try a bypass. You’re powering several switches with a non-neutral.

Can you confirm the switch is configured to Non-Neutral and Momentary?

Thank you both so much again.

I believe I have found out what the issue is.

I tried doing the program back to no neutral and momentary and that is the issue. It turns out if the switch looses power the momentary and other setting stay but the AC Power Type doesn’t stay.

I have tried to test this again by turning off the breaker and again it does the same thing and looses the setting.

Well that’s interesting . . .

Yeah that’s definitely weird. I’m on mobile with limited time now so admittedly I didn’t scroll through the entire post, but what hub are you using?

I am wrong again.

I have found that the AUX switches can turn the light on but not off when the Inovelli dimmer is at 100% or on.

when they are dimmed to say 89% they can dim and turn them off just not when the switch is at 100%

The hub I am using is Homeseer HS4 on windows 10.

What I did was create an event within homeseer that is it detects that the light is turned on then it changes it to 89%, this works just fine. Then I read that someone else had a similar issue and also have two lights like I do and they put the Aeotec bypass in both lights. I tried this and now this appears to fix the issue.

Now with the AUX switches you can hit up or down and it will either turn the light on or off? Is that normal behavior?

Sorry I am being such a pain but I have another seven of these configurations to do and obviously want this to work flawlessly for guests and others in the house that are not used to using HA and want to switch lights on and off by clicking wall switches.

These switches are really the only option in my house for some places and they really are totally fantastic.

One question remaining is if I eventually get the Red series dimmer will it be wired identically? I am hoping to get some more but I just can’t wait until they are in stock in 30th August so purchasing black series in between.

Yes, the Gen 2 dimmers are both wired the same.