5 Button Switch In Our Future One Day?

Is the 5-button still planned? I’ve been wanting to replace my KeypadLinc’s since May 2021 when I ordered these but here we are 13 months later and I’m not sure if this product is still in the hell that it got put into or if it got yanked out of hell and is nearing launch.

The roadmap pointed to Q4 2021 and again Q2 2022 (on the same roadmap so I’m not sure why there are two), now that we are closing in on the later of the two dates I figure it’s a good time to inquire!

I’m seeing a few manufacturers starting to promote either currently ready multi-button Z-Wave switches or announcing a soon to launch multi-button Z-Wave switch - I want to hold out for the gold standard of Inovelli but if that’s not likely then I’ll end up with one of those or a Wallmote (which are pretty awesome by the way).

As luck would have it, I just posted an update here: Z-Wave 5-Button Scene Controller + Dimmer Switch | Project Limitless - #400 by Eric_Inovelli

Long story short, I’ve been fighting for this to move back to being worked on for a while and I will continue to do so, especially bc it’s embarrassing to have had it open for a bit and then closed. Makes me personally look bad and it sucks.

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