A button that works well with a dimmer or blinds?

I love my smart things buttons, but I haven’t been able to find a button that is both adequately simple and powerful. I want to be able to control dimmers/blinds and receive notifications without some hack-job work around, and I don’t want to worry about if I’m touching one of the right 12 parts of the button, or if I’m tapping it with my dinner plate instead of my hand

1 button. Supports press/hold, tap, double tap, etc
Can control dimming level/etc and displays the level visually on the button before sending the command to the controller
Supports notifications
Rechargeable, and the battery is replaceable. Could be nice if it supported constant power for some rooms so it doesn’t fall asleep
When it moves it lights up

Take my $50 and give me a button that doesn’t suck please. I don’t care if it actually supports 3 different LED sections but an outer ring is mandatory, and having it illuminates and I twist the button to show percentage of illumination or blinds open/close Please if it doesn’t exist can we look into it - or can somebody recommend something like this that does exist?

How about you this?


Have a couple, but again these have some major issues

  1. difficult to orient in low light. Regularly hitting the wrong button
  2. no ability to really adjust to a ‘level’. Its just taps so best case scenario im tapping several times over 20 seconds to dim up/down or dedicate all 4 buttons to controlling preset dim levels

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