A different Red / Fan wiring question

Hi all.


I live in an old building without neutrals.

I use RGB smart bulbs and Red dimmers (LZW31-SN) set up in ‘smart bulb’ mode (always on, relay disabled) combined with automations based on switch events so that the switches behave the way an unsuspecting visitor expects them to behave, but power is always supplied to the smart bulbs so they can do their thing.

So far, so good.

I have an old-school ceiling fan in one room - two chains dangle from fan-mounted switches, one for fan speed, the other for lights on/off, wired to your standard SPST wall switch (with no neutral, of course).

Would it be possible to use the same configuration here? That is: wire a bypass across the light-kit, set the Red to be always-on / relay disabled? I don’t care about fan control, since the only way to control the fan is by pulling on the chain anyway.

I just want to put smart bulbs in the light kit and have the Red in the wall control the lights the way my other switches do now, via automations based on switch events.

Will this work, or is this a pipe dream?

The dimmer (LZW31-SN) cannot be used for inductive loads. The switch (LZW30-SN) is rated for up to 300W inductive load. Unfortunately the switch requires a neutral. How many wires are in the switch box? You might be able to pass a neutral from the fan to the switch and use scenes/associations to turn the light on/off.

Our Blue Series ZigBee line should support this (no-neutral for on/off inductive load).

Let me confirm with @Darwyn_Inovelli!

There’s so many features, I need to make sure.