A Tale of 2 Lightstrips. Why does one want to breathe?

I’m setting lightstrip color through Custom Effect (22,23,24,30)>

I have ONE set of parameters in my node red flow that gets sent to both the lightstrip under my cabinets and under my island.

Both of them turn to the correct color, but the one under the island “breathes” every 5 sec. I’ve tried a factory reset twice. I compared the parameters being sent to each by looking at the Zwave log file and both match completely 100%, as expected.

Any clue as to whats causing the island one to breathe? Heres video: https://youtu.be/wRYMin1AV04

Heres the parameters being sent. I matched each pair. (I am not sending parameter 24 in this one because I found I only need to send it once and then can just send 22,23,30 for any changes. But just to test, I also resent 24 another time and it did not help)



Forgot to set 24 to HOURS after first factory reset (for different issue) changed it back to milliseconds.