Acceptable to use LZW30 (red switch) for non-lighting?

Hi all, I was curious if it’s acceptable/safe to use a red-series on/off switch for non-lighting loads? I have two projectors and a few on-wall TV’s that have these two gang panamax outlet plates in the wall/ceiling behind the devices:

I’m in a location with not the most stable power, so I was hoping to stick a red on/off in that spare switch opening in each of the plates so if power starts flickering, I can turn power off to the devices completely without having to go to the breaker panel (especially if away from home where I still get notifications of power flickering).

The manual states 600W Incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL. The projectors may come close to 600w, not above if the spec sheets are accurate. I’d assume they most closely resemble incandescent loads. I could buy some GE/Jasco switches if not as they’re rated for higher current, but I’ve got some red’s on hand so would prefer to use those and have the power metering as a bonus.

It would be the same as an incandescent load. As long as you don’t exceed that wattage you should be fine.