Adjusting fan with ST phone app?

On a Samsung S20 using the ST app (newest one) and finally got things wired right for the LZW36 and went to pair the device scanning the QR code first, then per the instruction, hold done light config top, tap b button 3 times, and then it paired. However, in the app, I do not see anything for the fan control. Do I need to do something else? Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

Here is what my app looks like on my phone:

What device handler are you using?

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The one listed here:

If that is the only one you loaded, then you’re missing the child handler. Take a look here for instructions and links:

That was it. I recall that now, but in re-doing it, must have forgotten it. Now have 3 devices showing up, do I need all 3 or just the 2 for fan and light separately?

So now, just need to setup scenes for the LED on the switch. This devices rocks and way better than the Homeseer one I bought initially and returned.

Thanks much for the help!

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I think just the two child devices, but knowing ST I’d leave the 3rd alone.

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You will need the “combined” device if you want to change any of the settings (min/max levels, dimming speed, disable delay, LED indicator color…). But you can remove this device (leaving just the fan & light child devices) on the home screen - from ‘Home’, the 3 dots menu & Edit; tap the room & now you can uncheck the Fan+Light device (and I would do the same for the notification devices if you’ve created any of those). It won’t show up on the home screen, but if you click the room, it’s still there and you can get to its settings.