Aeotec ZStick Firmware

Anyone happen to have the 1.02 firmware zip file for the z-stick gen 5? It’s gone from the Aeotec web site.

Maybe someone here knows. Can you add S2 locks to zwavejs using the Aeotec z-stick 5 with v1.01 firmware? I found one thread that mentions this not working but it wasn’t clear yet Aeotec claims it will work. The same thread said smart start works after updating to 1.02. Aeotec has pulled that update info which seems to leave me screwed out of the purchase price of this stick because I have to buy yet another zwave stick to actually get something they say will work.

What is happening is that I can’t get a Weiser/Kwikset deadbolt to pair securely. It could be I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t see any other way to do it. I tried using S2 scanning QRR code and it gives an error that the coordinator doesn’t support smart start which seems to be saying Aeotec is lying. I also tried the default with the force security box checked but it only added insecure. Is there a trick I’m missing? None of the other options are for S2.

Did you try contacting Aeotec support to see if they could provide the firmware or why they pulled it?

Another thread I found had Aeotec contacted and they responded that it caused failures of some sticks and they now consider 1.01 as the final. I might try anyways, maybe enough complaints will get them to do something.

To me, it kind of stinks of them wanting to push customers into buying their new stick. However, I can’t find hardly any info about S2 only working on certain USB sticks or it not working for people even I’d think lots of people would have this issue with older zwave sticks which kind of makes me thing I’m doing it wrong.

I did find a zip file that seems to be the upgrade but I can’t get it to actually work with the stick. No instructions so I could be doing it wrong or it just might not work.

Ah gotcha, yeah I get why they’d pull it in that case but it’s still a pain.

I finally got around to trying again and powered-off all z-wave stuff around the lock and used the default pairing option with the forced security box checked and then it asked for the 5 digit DSK and worked.

The documentation is rather lacking. There is no mention that the default method of pairing with secure devices has to be direct to the USB stick to work. The Smart Start method can work without being direct, but it requires the USB stick to support it and this one doesn’t.