After installing device handler switch inverted and slow

I installed smartthings the device handler for my gen2 switches, leaving all switches misbehaving. The switches themselves are inverted, and the dim on/off is 10 seconds. I can’t reprogram in on the switch itself or in the smartthings app, changing device type back to generic doesn’t help either. This is quite the incovenience… anyone any thoughts?


You can reset the switch by holding the config button for 20 seconds (led will turn red), I know that doesn’t “solve” anything. Are these red or black series dimmers? Also can you include the link to the GitHub device handlers you are using?

Thanks. These are black series; device handler code:

I think that is the handler for the black series on/off switch and you are looking for the black series dimmer. I believe this is the one you need

Thank you so much! You saved me a big headache; this one works, and I did indeed use the wrong one. Not seeing multiple links for Gen 2 on the website I did not even bother to check… Thank you!

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No problem, happy to help!

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