Alexa and LZW36 and Hubitat

I have 5 LZW36, all on 1.34 firmware, all installed at same time and all on hubitat and using the Inovelli driver.

They all work as expected, except for one specifically when it comes to Alexa and the fan

With all devices except one I can control the fan as expected by saying Set x fan to on, or set x fan to medium etc.

On one fan when I use set guestroom fan to on it will turn on but say not sure what went wrong. Same thing when I turn off, or low or high. And if I set to medium it will say I dont know how to set guest bedroom fan to that setting

I’ve removed it from alexa and added it back, it has the hamptom bay fan component

I have no issues setting speed via Hubitat.

Any pointers would be helpful


Are you sharing all three devices with Alexa (Inovelli fan+light, light component, hampton bay fan component)? If so only share the light and fan components. Will it accept percentages for fan speed (33 low, 66 med, 100 high)? I use Google, but I had the run the physical switch through all of it’s capabilities before Hubitat would share it correctly.

Maybe it’s not using the proper device handler. That symptom of not recognizing “medium”; I’ve seen (or more accurately heard!) when the fan is being treated as a light (setting lights to low or high works, medium isn’t accepted)

No, just the child devices.

Yes but it looks correct both on Hubitat and Alexa