Another Blue Series glitch?

I have a blue series switch, (confirmed it is NOT one of the ones with the bad MAC numbers, although out of 15 I have 7 that do match the bad batch).

Using hue e12 bulbs, could never get the zigbee binding to work reliably so I am now trying it as a button controller.

I am assuming the buttons are the same as the Red Series (button 1 push = tap 1x on up paddle).

I am also using hubitats button controller app. I can get off to work, as well as multi-tab for hue scenes (using CoCo hue) but can not get button 1 to work.

In the button controller, button 1 push = toggle switch on (hue light group). It runs fine if I try ‘run actions’ but when I press the involli switch 1x nothing happens. If I tap 2x it triggers a scene, and 1x down it turns them off.

I have even gone into the switch and pressed PUSH #1 and nothing happens.

How can I troubleshoot this? How do I factory reset the switch ?

Other notes;
The switch is setup as a dimmer, and smart bulb.
Its the latest available driver 2.05

This is fixed, Invollli changed the button mapping.

Just a note, they did switch the buttons.

Button 6 Held = start LOWERING light level
Botton 6 Pushed = start RAISING light level
Botton 7 Held = stop changing
Button 7 Push = stop changing

Please mark as resolved! Thanks.

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