*Another* Relay Question - LZW31-SN

Hello Everyone - First post here and new to the Z-wave world… Love it so far!

I am trying to get this switch to only send the signal to SmartThings to turn off my smart lights. I have the SmartThings setup in Automations to “mirror behavior”, so it’s setup right on that end. Also already have device handlers properly installed, and I can see the settings in ST. I have Zooz switches setup at other locations, and those are working fine…

How do I get this to work???

I looked a lots of posts beforehand! I promise… I just couldn’t figure it out.


Ok, so you have a dimmer and you have smart bulbs and you want to turn the smart bulbs on and off by the dimmer.

What type of smart bulbs do you have, Zwave or Zigbee?

Are the smart bulbs physically wired to the dimmer or is something else wired to the dimmer and the smart bulbs are powered full time elsewhere?

What you you have mirrored? That’s not typically a step in what you’re trying to do.