Any negatives to using dumb switch in 3-4 way?

Are there any negatives to using a red series dimmer in a 3 way setup with a dumb switch? For example:

Will homeassistant or any hub know if the light is on if it was turned on using the dumb switch?
If the only switch in the circuit that dims is the inovelli will this impact the dimming on the red series switch ?
Any other negatives?

I looked in the documentation and it didn’t seem like there were any negatives as long as you have a neutral wire

AFAIK if you have a neutral you are fine. FYI they’re looking into scene control via an add-on switch with a firmware update.

EDIT: Corrected statement. Thanks @harjms

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Dimming already works with Aux switches. Inovelli is looking at the feasibility of adding scenes (2x, 3x, 4x etc…) from an Aux switch.

@nathaniel1865 - I hated the way the dumb switches felt after switching to Inovelli dimmers/switches. The toggle just didn’t match what I wanted. You can only turn on/off from a dumb switch, so having the aux switch able to control dim level was important to me.

The first time your SO shouts “why doesn’t” this F*&^ing switch work like the other one!" you’ll know what the biggist drawback is.


Red Series works fine with latest FW. I was unable to get the Black series working with multiple-way, as it would shut off sporadically even with latest FW (or had to keep under 80% brightness). Switched to a Red series, no problems.

Recommend turning off the On delay if you aren’t using Scenes (the switch waits in case you were going to tap again), your SO will notice there is a bit of delay. I believe the feature is inversely called “Instant-On”

Will I still be able to dim the light if its turned on using the dumb switch?

@nathaniel1865 - Not sure if I’m reading this correctly, so correct me if I’m wrong. You will not be able to dim the light from the dumb switch as it only is on or off. If you turn the lights on from the dumb switch, you can walk over to the Inovelli Dimmer and raise or lower the level from the Inovelli switch; not the dumb switch. You can also changes the levels from Z Wave.

If you use an Aux switch instead of the dumb toggle, you can raise or lower from any of the switches in the path.

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That answered the question, I was asking if I turned on the light from the dummy switch would I be able to dim from the inovelli. I just had poor phrasing.