Any walkthroughs for Hubitat and Red Series Notifications?

I’ve read through several past posts on getting notifications working with the Red Series switches. On one of my switches I was finally able to get one child device to create even though I set the preferences for two, on another switch I configured one set of preferences for notification 1, and got 4 different child devices. No rhyme or reason. Turning this child devices ON does nothing to the switch light bar. I’ve tried from the device screen and from a rule machine action.

I’ve installed the child device handler, just can’t find a solid set of this is how you do it instructions and this is why I bought these.

Hey Pelted,

I just installed my first switch and had some of the same issues at first. Make sure you are using the proper driver. I had to import a driver to make it work. You can find the drivers at this link: Make sure once it is installed you are using this one: Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN

I figured out you had to only set up one child with all of the choices set and hit save, them I went in renamed it and went back to the main device and set up the next one. I hope this helps a bit.

@Pelted Do you have the LZW30-SN switch or the LZW31-SN dimmer?

The dimmer. The correct control driver, is also being used. At least according to all the latest posts and the GitHub repo.

Personally, I think the way the notifications are handled by the Inovelli driver are difficult to work with in Hubitat. I have several LZW31-SN dimmers and I’ve been using this custom driver written by @BertABCD1234 with good results:

It allows you to control the notification LED bar like you would an RGBW bulb. it also supports some additional features like button “release” events that aren’t implemented in the official driver.