Any way to just reset the config parameters without factory resetting the switch?

Back story:

For one of my Red Series dimmers, I was using some code to attempt to change the LED effect. I didn’t realize at the time that the on/off switches and the dimmer had a different config parameters for that.
So, I attempted to set config parameter 8 on the dimmer to the LED effect value. On the dimmer, 8 controls the auto off timer. Ever since then, my light keeps auto turning off after around 10 seconds. I’ve tried to set the value of that config parameter back to 0 and the device reports it as 0, but it’s still turning off automatically.

What I’d like to be able to do is just reset all the parameters back to default while still keeping the switch included on the network. Is that possible?

I don’t know of a way to do a reset short of a complete reset which will exclude the dimmer.

However, if you read the various threads on the forum, you’ll find that some of us have had problems with the dimmer turning off after a random delay after being turned on. I’m one of those who had that problem. It feels the same as if the auto-off timer went off, but it is not directly linked to the timer. The timer can be turned off but the light still turns off after a while. In my case I experienced this only with a switch installed in a 3-way configuration, but I cannot tell whether that’s happenstance or the issue is only triggered in this configuration.

It is possible that this is what you are experiencing. Quite a few people have reported being able to work around it by setting the maximum brightness lower than 100%. I set it to 80% and the problem went away.

Something to consider.

Thanks for the reply! I had seen those posts, but this issue felt slightly different as it had been working for a few weeks without issue and only started shutting off after I was adjusting the auto off parameter.
I went ahead and excluded the switch, did a factory reset, and included it back. It seems to be staying on now.
This does mean there must be some odd bug where if you send invalid values to a config parameter, it might not be possible to fully adjust them back.

That’s good news. I did a factory reset of my dimmer but it did not fix the “random turn off” issue I was having. A word of caution. Prior to finding the final 80% max level solution, there were a number of times I thought the problem was fixed. Haha, if only… it was just going dormant for very long periods of time. It could be 1-2 days without the bug happening and then it would happen 25 times in a row. :frowning: If you have other folks operating that switch, you may want to ask them to keep an eye out for a while to make sure your problem is really fixed, and not just dormant.

That’s possible. There definitely seem to be a disconnect between what parameters the dimmer reports and what parameters it is actually running on. In my 3-way configuration at first I had a bug which caused it to grossly misbehave. It was as if the 3-way wiring was wrong. (A different problem than the random shut off issue.) The parameter for “neutral” vs “no neutral” was reporting the default setting, which was “neutral”. The switch was wired with a neutral, so I should not have had to set the parameter manually because the default value is the right one (and I never changed it to another value). However, the problem I was facing went away after I asked Home Assistant to send a ZWave command to set that parameter to the default value. What?! I did something that should not have made any difference… but it made a difference.