Anyone have any recomendations for high output retrofit downlights?

I have about 20 existing recessed lights throughout my house that I’d like to replace with retrofit units. Has anyone found any that they really like?

What I’m looking for:

  • 100W+ equivalent output
  • 90+ CRI
  • 3500-4000k
  • Dimmable (and compatible w/ Red series dimmers)

Here is the compatibility list

Thanks – I have seen this before, but unfortunately none of the listed retrofit options actually meet what I’m looking for in terms of output or CRI.

I’ve had good luck with Cree bulbs in general. I have two of their retrofit kits installed, that haven’t given me any problems thus far. They do come in different temperatures and output amounts based on your needs.

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Cree is usually my go-to choice, but unfortunately their current recessed retrofit offerings don’t play well with the 5 inch housings I have in my house.

Has anyone tried the Energetic E3DL?

This seems to be fairly unique in that it has a selectable color temperature, 1200+ lumens of output, 90+ CRI all while being reasonably priced at ~$12/ea.

The Compatible bulb page notes the following:

The important thing to remember is that our dimmers use MOSFET, leading edge technology, so the bulb(s) you choose should be the same (ie: MLV, not ELV)

So based on the product page these likely aren’t going to work well. Granted for the price it might be worth trying.

Dimmable to 10% with many 120V TRIAC & ELV dimmers

I use the 2700K version of these. I have them in my kitchen and dining areas and they work great. I purchased probably 5+ years ago and they have worked with both GE and Inovelli dimmers without issue, not a single failure yet. Doesn’t look like they are made anymore, but maybe they make similar ones.

I think I will give them a try and report back – there don’t seem to be a ton of options that tick all the boxes even when looking at higher priced models.

Question for @EricM_Inovelli – Don’t TRIAC based dimmers also cut the leading edge? Therefore, if a bulb is listed as being compatible with a TRIAC dimmers, wouldn’t it it also be expected to work with leading edge MOSFET dimmers?

I did finally receive the four Energetic E3DL15P56-92765 lights that I ordered to test out. I haven’t tested them extensively so far, but I can confirm they dim quite well on an LZW31-SN, though there is a slight buzzing coming from the driver even at full power.

I’ll be comparing them to the Halo RL56129S1EWHR. On paper these have very similar specs. The Halo is more than twice as expensive and admittedly does feel like it has a better build quality.

I’ve now tested the Energetic E3DL15P56-92765 side by side with the Halo RL56129S1EWHR for a couple days. For me the Halo is the winner despite the substantially higher cost.


  1. LED Driver is substantially quieter (no noticeable buzzing) when running on an LZW31-SN
  2. Combination of baffle and convex lens produce much less glare
  3. 3500K color temperature setting is pretty much perfect (only 3000K or 4000K on the Energetic)
  4. Includes a sealing gasket
  5. Better build quality / thicker metal
  6. Uses ‘standard’ Ideal 30-682 connectors
  7. Fits better into undersized 5" cans


  1. Doesn’t dim quite as low
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Thank you for reporting back with your findings! @Eric_Inovelli Any chance for an update to the compatible bulb list? :slight_smile: