Anyone know if Abode recognizes Inovelli sensor?

Hi- I saw someone ask something similar over on Reddit in the Abode subreddit; unfortunately noone answered that posters question. However, that person’s question gave me an idea for my setup, so I thought I would ask here.
Can anyone here confirm that the Abode system/hub will recognize the humidity readings from the Inovelli sensor?

So, it looks like Inovelli isn’t listed in their compatible device list, but that said, they list working with zwave/zigbee, etc and I’d expect that you’d need a driver written for it -

Edit - doesn’t appear to be any kind of information or support forum available on their side. Would guess that would either fall to them or Inovelli to write and no idea as to level of effort involved especially since it seems fairly closed off on documentation with what they’re using.