Association Question for 3 Way Dimming of "Master" switch

I have 2 Red Dimmers (“RD”) that I’m trying to set up as a 3 way. This is in my 3rd bathroom which has 2 doors, one on the hall side and one on the den side. The hall side has the line in and the den side is going to the load. (i.e. using neutrals with line and load in separate boxes).

Everything is working, including LED sync except when I try to dim from the Hall (non-load) side. I see the LED going down, but it basically just shuts off the light. I’m thinking that it may be working, but it is so slow, and the lights only dim to about 40%, that I can’t react fast enough (or perhaps more accurately, the dimming doesn’t happen fast enough).

I did an association on the Hall side switch to the Den side switch on Group 2. I also did an association for both of them from Groups 3 and 4 to the other. So I have 5 total associations. BTW, I did try it first with just doing associations on Groups 2 and 4 from the Hall side to the Den side (i.e. from the line side to the load side) and one back from the Den side to the Hall side on Group 3).

For Params 1, 2, 3 and 4 in both I have them set to 0, 3, 1, 1. I also set the Param 12 to 11 on the Hall Side switch. (I found setting them both to 11 put me into a loop and it didn’t work at all if I set the Den side Param 12 to 11 (removing the setting for Param 12 on the Hall side first, of course). I also set the Default Power level for both setting in both switches to 99 as we like them to come on at 100%, not the last set level.

I do have one other wrinkle that might be causing the problem: I like to set the config/favorite button to a low dim level. I did this in Hubitat’s Rule Machine by creating a rule on the Den side (load) switch. We use that mainly first thing in the morning or late at night. However, once I’m in the room for a while I want to be able to go to 100% with just 1 push. So, I went back into Rule Machine and created another rule for the Den side (load) switch that pushing button 1 sets the dimmer level to 100%. I don’t know if having that rule itself is causing the problem or if somehow the delay inherent in having to go through the hub is the issue. Also, due to the WAF I cannot use say a double click (button 2 in Hubitat using Rule Machine) to go back to 100% instead of button 1 (the basic “on” push).



From what I’ve read, I believe you should have 4 associations - only group 3 and 4. Group 2 would be used instead of 3&4 with another device that doesn’t support Multilevel Switch Command Class, like the LZW30-SN.

I think the dimming is not working because of the Group 2 association on the Hall side.

Yes, parameter 12 should be set to a value of 11 on the non-load switch(es). The switch controlling the load is the one that needs to communicate with your hub (included in default parameter 12 value of 15), and I believe you should avoid controlling the other switches from the hub, or things will get out of sync.