Association to a switch that is being associated to a 3rd switch

I have 3 light switches. Before I got my Red dimmers (LZW31-SN) switch # 1 and switch # 2 were a 3-way pair. They were wired as load and line in different boxes. Switch #1 has the load in it. My problem is that I don’t want switch #2 to be the other 1/2 of the 3 way. What I want to do is associate switch # 3 with switch # 1 instead. I know that should be fairly routine, but here’s the kicker - I want switch # 2 to be associated with switch #3. The bottom line of what I’m trying to do is swap what switch # 2 and # 3 turn on).

Almost there. In Hubitat is used the Z Wave Association Tool. I first did an association using Switch # 3 as the Source and Switch # 1 as the destination with group 2. I then went into the Device settings for Switch # 3 and Disabled Local Control. I also changed the Association Behavior to 01 (Local. I wasn’t sure if I should use 02 3way, as it is being used to simulate a 3 way, but I took a chance and set it to 01). That worked perfectly. Switch # 3 is acting like the other 1/2 of the 3 way pair with switch # 1.

I then went back to the Z Wave Association Tool and created a new association using Switch # 2 as the source and Switch # 3 as the destination with group 2. It worked perfectly too!!

HOWEVER, the group 4 association isn’t working as a dimmer. It is turning the correct lights on, but it isn’t dimming them at all. Any ideas at all on how to fix that? Do I need a different choice for the Association Behavior?

BTW, just so you can see what I’m talking about re: Association Behavior I’ve included a screen shot of that setting.

I started answering but now I’m confused all over on what you are attempting to accomplish, so I will instead explain as best I can my understanding of Associations:

Group 1: Lifeline, not set/used
Group 2: Basic Set, which is on/of control FROM the switch node set TO the other switch node set.
Group 3: Switch Multilevel Set (Slave), which is level control used to associate FROM the slave switch back to the master switch in a 3-way setup.
Group 4: Switch Multilevel Set (Master), which is level control used to associate FROM the master switch to bulbs/dimmers that you want to follow the load/master switch level.

So for your instance I would remove any associations (confirm removed via testing hardware) then

Group 2 and 4 from #1 to #3
Group 3 from #3 to #1
That should get you 3-way for #1 (load) and #3 (line)

Then you can associate whichever groups are needed for #2 to #3 based on on/off control (group 2) or level set control (group 4). This would allow #2 to control #3, but would not provide feedback from #3 back to #2, otherwise you are just talking about a 4-way sync between all 3 switches.

Hopefully that helps?