Aux switch question - can this help provide a dimmer when the "line" wire is not in the preferred location?

So when I migrated from two 3-way mechanical switches to a LZW31-SN and mechanical setup in my kitchen I had to put the Red on the side of the room that is least trafficked, and the dumb toggle is by the main entry. I had to do it this way because the hot line wire is not in the preferred box. Can the Red supply continuous load to an aux dimmer switch like the GE and still control load and other stuff properly through the travelers or something? Not sure if it matters, but this is a neutral wire setup as well.

@burntoc - Can you confirm your setup? E.g. line/load in same box or different box?

Yes a diagram of your set up would be helpful…

The Aux connects to the Red Dimmer using only two wires, so wiring should be good.

The Aux device acts as a remote control for the main Red dimmer paddle. So except for the LED and programming button, the Aux will act exactly like the main dimmer paddle.

Does this help?

Line and load are in same box, matching the first diagram in the 3-way with dumb switch diagram.

@burntoc - I would shoot for this one then. You’ll end up capping off the unused line with the Aux Switch.

@harjms @JohnRob Thank you, fellas. I should’ve thought to check the wiring diagrams to see if it would work that way. Glad to hear it sounds promising, and I just ordered an aux switch!

@burntoc - I have 10 Aux switches installed in my home connected to either the Gen 2 dimmer or On/Off. They work well together (at least the GE models do).