Best way to configure dimmer in smart bulb mode to control lights?

It’s been a while since I’ve set up my red series dimmers, so now that I’m adding blue series dimmers in Hubitat I thought I should ask whether there’s a better way to do it now. In the past, I’ve paired the dimmer to hubitat, used Groups & Scenes to create a group of lights I want to control, and used the Motion Lighting app to control the lights based on motion sensors and the dimmer switch. Is that the best way to do it? I know these have some kind of scene control capability, but I’ve never used that, and the scene control section in the manual just says ‘coming soon’, so I don’t know how it works or if it’s a good fit.

If it matters, I have a mix of lights, some hue and some other, so I want to control them through hubitat and not pair the dimmer to the bulbs directly.


Groups & Scenes or the newer Room Lights app in Hubitat can be used. I never used the Motion Lighting app before, and it may have been replaced by Room Lights by now.

None of that setup really has anything to do with Inovelli specifically – I have no idea what Inovelli will eventually put in that Scene Control portion of the manual, but I don’t believe there’s any new/unique way a Blue can handle a scene/group beyond the usual direct-binding or smart-bulb-mode options. From there, the setup depends on the ecosystem you’re in (HA, HE, ST, etc)

Why not both??? Bindings still maintain their ability to be controlled via the hub, it’s just local if the hub were to go down/offline.

And it’s “faster” (XXms vs XXXms).

@NeighborGeek - I recently purchased the Blue Switches for use with HE and Hue bulbs setting the switch up in Smart Bulb mode. For a while, I struggled with how to make this work (I’m smart enough to know I don’t really know a lot, and I’m not a programmer).

NOTE: I’m not sure if this will work if you have both mixed Hue and non-Hue bulbs, unless all of the bulbs you want to control will work with Smart Bulb mode (i.e. no local load control required)

Here’s what I did. I used the HE Button Controllers App to create a Button Controller for each of my switches. In the child app, I created this:

(I hope the picture shows in the post!)

In essence, I have 2 actions each that are tied to button 1 (on/off), button 6 (raise the level/lower the level), and button 7 (When released, stop raising or lowering)

See if that helps you!

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