Black Gen 2 ON/OFF issues

I bought five of these new switches. Two are installed. The each need to be reset about every three weeks. Are they defective or is this what others are finding?

The stop working either manually or via Z-Wave and have to be de-powered. Once reset they work as expected for another two to four weeks.

I have held off putting the rest in as I certainly don’t need more of this headache.

The only issue I have had with my black on/off was in a 3 way setup. It simply would not work there as advertised. I have since moved that switch to a non 3 way and have had no issues. Certainly haven’t had to reset as you have.

Mine has been installed there for a few weeks now, using ST hub.

Mine do indeed work fine for “a few weeks”.

Guess I will have to wait and see then. So far, so good. I am not sure the exact time frame mine has been installed though.

I have had my On/Off switches (red) installed since September. I haven’t had a locking up issue once on any of them. I have one switch (in the shed) that sometimes doesn’t turn on/off when scheduled, but I’m contributing that to a range issue with hubitat. The hubitat is installed in a basement and the basement is wrapped with a foiled backed vapor barrier. Not surprised it has some reach problems.