Black LZW30 LED indicator troubles?

I installed a new LZW30 to replace a GE smart switch I somehow fried yesterday. That switch had been installed there for over 1 year with no issues. I was looking at wiring at the box and think I hit something…I don’t know…but the GE stopped working. I put in the LZW30 and everything is functioning at the switch and through smartthings.

However, the LED settings do not seem to work correctly. I put in a LZW30 in a different location and did notice the same thing, however that one I don’t really care how the led works so I have it on all of the time. For this new location, the switch is controlling outside lights that I cannot physically see unless I step outside. I want the led off when the switch is off and on when the switch is on so that I know those outside lights are on. I have found that the “led strip intensity when off” setting controls behavior when the switch is off AND on. If I set that to 0, the led is off when the switch is off like it should be but it also turns off when I turn the switch on. If I set that to 50%, the led is 50% when the switch is off and 50% when it is on. The only way I can get it to “work” right now is I set the off intensity to 10% then set the led intensity to 50%. I want that 10% to be 0 but if I do that it will turn of when I turn the switch on.

I have had similar results after changing the LED intensity when off setting from the default. Apparently, changing that setting hoses the settings for when the switch is on.

I resolved the issue by factory resetting the switch and then not touching the off intensity setting.

I have determined the led off intensity is what causes the issues. As long as that is set to at least 10%, the other parameter works fine. If off intensity is set to 0%, it ignores the other parameter. This should not be the case.

Interestingly, with the default “off” intensity setting (which I presumed would be off completely) the LED is lit very dimly when the switch is off. The room has to be dark to even see it, so it’s not really a problem for me.

I currently have it at 10% when off and it is the same (very dimly lit.) It is next to another smart switch with that led indicator off so I do notice it.

Is the one next to it an Inovelli switch? If so, how did you get it to be completely off? I have two in the same location and both have the very dimly lit LED when it’s off. I’d prefer it to really be off.

The one next to it is not an inovelli switch. It is a ge and the led is off when the switch is off and on when the switch is on.

I would like to add that the dimmer (at least the reds that I have used in 2 different locations) does not have this issue. I have these set to 0% when off and the led is completely off. That setting does not affect the led when the switch is turned on.