Black Series Dimmer 4 Way No Neutral

Was having tones of problems getting it setup with HA. I got it setup, then within a minute the node would show dead. Exclude, try again, same thing… Factory reset, same thing… Now the switch was stuck flicerking blue fast, bulbs flicekring blue and switch is unresponsive to any commands, including factory reset.

I had wired in 1 GE addon switch so far, had not wired the second GE in yet…

Are you using LEDs? If so, how many and what’s the total watts? Do you have an incandescent you can swap in?

I have LEDs wattage is around 27, going to get some incandescent today to try. But would that cause the switch to not work? To show as dead in HA?

In the non neutral configuration it requires a minimum b load of around 25 watts. Did you set parameter 21 to non neutral (0). You can also try lowering max dim (parameter 6) to 80%

Yes. A non-neutral is relying upon sufficient load to work properly.

Thanks it was flashing Blue not red though.

I will try switching bulbs today.

Set the max load to around 80-85%. For smaller loads, the switch pretty much turns dead. I.e. no LEDs at all. Add more load and it will come back to life.

I changed the bulbs and it works… Thanks…