Black series dimmer won’t reset for new ST

Switching from wink to ST, and I can’t get dimmer to exclude. Factory reset displays flashing red light, then nothing happens. Config 3x or 5x does nothing. Help!

Flashing red is the expected behavior when you reset.

When you go to add to ST, are you pressing the add device button in ST first, then the config button 3x rapidly?

Yes. It should start flashing blue when I hit config button 3x even if I have done nothing in ST app, but it doesn’t. By “then nothing happens,” I mean that it’s like I didn’t reset anything.

Make sure you’re doing the 3x really fast. I find that I sometimes have to try it several times to get it to kick in. Also, look through your devices in ST to make sure it didn’t add. I use the Classic app and sometimes I go back and then see the device added even though it didn’t show up on the add device screen. I’m not sure if you’ll see the flashing blue if it’s paired without resetting.

Well that was it. Thanks! I was hitting it fast, but apparently machine gun speed was required!

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